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Click to enlargeAt a stones throw from Manzanela is the river Nela. The river flows through a beautiful canyon just below the village. The river is teaming with fish. For the fishing enthusiasts the Trout is the most attractive species the river is home to. There is also a great quantity of Barbel and, among other smaller species; there are numerous Signal crabs, which also provide food for the few Otters still living along the course of the river.

While almost everywhere in Spain fishing is regulated through fishing clubs with member only fishing rights, just at Manzanela ‘free fishing’ is permitted over a length of almost 3 miles of the river. This is one of only two ‘free fishing’ spots in the Merindades, the other is located in the beautiful Ebro Canyon between Tudanca and Cidad de Ebro half an hours drive away from Manzanela.

The fishing season opens on the first Sunday in April and lasts till the 31st of July. Manzanela can assist guests to arrange the necessary fishing permit on-line. Please contact us for more details:


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